Rehoming Megaesophagus Dogs






If you cannot care for a dog diagnosed with ME there are options

of finding a foster or forever home with quality of life and love where its ME can be managed.

This website is designed to help you network your Megaesophagus (ME) dog so it may find a foster or forever home.

We are NOT a rescue group for dogs with Megaesophagus. However, on occasion, we have helped rescue groups and individuals save an ME dog from a shelter and get it into the right foster or forever home. Please contact us privately and quickly if that is why you have found our website.

GSD Bubba was born with ME, but didnít show obvious signs until after he
was in what was supposed to be his forever home. He was beaten for
throwing up but finally got into the safe, loving hands of Alice Richter.
She has managed his ME protocol beautifully and he will live the rest of
his life with her providing him quality of life and all the love he could hope to
find. This is one success story of so many placements of these precious dogs.


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